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Did you know that the Mediterranean Sea is also famous for its crazy rivers flowing as lush as the blue of the sea? If you are looking for adventurous activities during your holiday in Club Hotel Karaburun you have a great rafting advice. The Köprülü Canyon is an ideal place for those looking for the excitement and incredible nature that they meet with the green, ice-flowing snow. Throughout the canyon, you will find rafting services to suit all ages and experience levels in the center. You will have your rafting cruise right next to the river and you can color it with rich breakfast and lunch banquets. For 12 people, you can have your whole family together with your friends and you can raft in a guided tour, as well as a free two-person boat. For those who are more demanding and energy-hungry, it is also possible to find tours that are paddled in the opposite direction of the river flow and which lead to the source of the river. Köprülü Kanyon is an ideal place to spend an unforgettable day of your vacation in Alanya.

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